Design Incubation Fellowship

Working session. Photograph from the Design Incubation website.

This year I was part of the Design Incubation fellowship program. Design Incubation promotes discussion and development of research and scholarship in communication design. The fellowships program is coordinated by Aaris Sherin and has three possible tracks for design educators to apply: book/exhibition reviews, articles, and books. I applied to the reviews track and worked on writing a review of the book “Design and National Identity” by Javier Gimeno-Martinez.

Through the fellowship program, faculty commit to a writing project and receives mentorship from other scholars. Fellows also participate in a 3-day workshop in St. Johns University in New York City. The workshop is structured around writing and is especially helpful for designers like me trying to make writing a central endeavor in design scholarship. During the workshop the fellows where divided into groups. Our group was led by Maggie Taft, managing editor of the journal Design and Culture.

In the months that followed, I finished writing my book review which is now published online and should be printed soon. I also met with other fellows from the reviews group to discuss our writing goals and support each member’s writing endeavors in any possible way. I look forward to the possibility of applying again to get valuable feedback of future writing projects.