Here is There: Places in Common and Participatory Links

Spring 2012
MFA Thesis Book
7.75″ x 9.75″, 172 p.

Thesis advisors: Hammett Nurosi, Alan Rapp, Lindsay Kinkade
Critics: Rob Giampietro, Liz Danzico, Marc Owens

This book compiles my thinking and projects at the moment I was finishing the MFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout the book I describe personal experiences and projects, weaving them with other people’s ideas and work.
Local and global, public and private may collide in unexpected ways.

Within days of arriving in Providence, I was in the Social Security Office for a SSN card. To my surprise the officer called me rola—that’s how other Colombians refer to Bogotanos. And within minutes I also learned about all the Colombian restaurants in town. I found myself simultaneously in a new town, a new country, yet with numerous references to my home place. Places are not fixed and static, and placemaking is a multiple and transnational process.